belo horizonte studio

Belo Horizonte Studio is owned and run by the Strickland family who has been in the quartz crystal business for 4 generations. We select only the finest crystals, and determine the best way to cut and polish each individual piece. Our global contacts that we have built up for over the past 40 years allow us to source the most exceptional raw crystals. We are at the forefront of each new mining discovery in order to obtain the best raw pieces in the world.

We take great care and pride in offering only the highest quality pieces and workmanship. All our work is done in our own studio with the sole intent to reveal each crystal's unique beauty. This is an organic process that requires an open mind as each crystal is distinct. It is impossible to foresee the finished piece, as new possibilities for shaping and cutting arise at each step of the process. We uncover the stone's own perfect final shape, rather than imposing preconceived ideas.

When you look into a crystal, you are seeing a record of the history of the planet stretching back sometimes 100 or even 200 million years. We respect and have a deep appreciation for these ancient stones, and strive to keep an awareness of their remarkable journey by retaining some of the original surface of each stone. We invite you to come and enjoy these natural treasures.